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  • Antoine Simmons

The Case against Liberalism, and the Irony of the Modern American political Party.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I’m liberal. At least in a great many ways I am. I think being a Negro, un-encumbered by the blinders of religion means conservatism is all but restricted from me. Though at this very unique time in history, I question the cause celebre of liberals. Over the last 8 years, the stench of entitlement, and moral rightness has crept into the bastion of liberalism. The very ideas and conduct liberals lambasted, has become acceptable for their own implementation. Liberals judge, ridicule, and humiliate those they deem to be intellectually and socially inferior. Liberals consider themselves smarter and more enlightened, and so of course see things that conservatives cannot. This is what the liberal thinks. This is how her brain works. It's the result of the binary system we have all become so intertwined in. There are only two sides, so in turn there can be only two points of view. A multifaceted approach to politics cannot be achieved under such circumstance.

Digression on the structural integrity of the modern state aside, the existing establishment of American liberalism is a pitiful one. The liberal feels as if they are on the side of decency, and they, they are misguided, and it's their ignorance that leads them astray. The duality is staggering! If they could only see things like us—they think—the world would be so much better off. The irony in this is palpable to the Darwinist. Homogeneity, leads to only one outcome: extinction. The sad truth—the one that makes this endeavor the most maddening—is the fact that liberals and conservatives are the same, they just think they’re different, because they think their way is better.

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