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Captain John Kimber was charged, in 1792, with beating a 15 year female slave to death for refusing to dance naked on the deck of the slave ship Recovery. That same year, this image was published by S.W. Flores depicting Kimber's inhumanity whilst dispatching his judgment. It is important to note that inhumane acts like this were commonplace during the slave trades infamous "Middle Passage." A journey so treacherous that over 2 million Africans from 1500-1900 died during the arduous voyage. It should be noted that in the 17th and early18th centuries, the rate was around 25%. This is a relatively unknown image, and for the general population, Kimber's story is also unknown. Kimber was ultimately acquitted of his crimes, and set free. His story is by no means unique. Sadly, officials in positions of authority are still killing African Americans, and they are still being acquitted.


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